Private lessons

You can have private birth preparation and/or breastfeeding classes at your home or in Begnins. You can take the course on your own or with your partner.

The subjects we talk about are labour, breastfeeding, going home with your baby, or what you're interested in.

The price for 1h30 to 1h45 is 150CHF. If I come to your home, 60cts/km  are added. Against payment  you will recieve a bill for reimbursement.

The basic LAMAL swiss insurance reimburses 150CHF but some complementary insurances reimburse more. You should check with your company. 

Prenatal care

If your gynecologist gives you a prescription I can come to your home and do a prenatal check up. It will be fully payed by the LAMAL insurance. 

Post-natal care

With the basic LAMAL insurance you are allowed to have visits by a midwife coming home during the first 56 days after birth. You can have a maximum of 10 or 16 visits, depending of your situation (first baby, vaginal birth or not, twins,...). Fore more details, see the page "costs". We will organize the visits together, depending on your needs.

I offer care that is  for you and your baby as well as for the new father.

After the 56 days, you can have 3 breastfeeding consultations during the lactatation period. We can approach subjects like breastfeeding and work, introducing food, weaning and more.