280 days and 
a new life
Catherine Raimondi - midwife - Begnins

280 days. You discover the pregnancy and then comes the time to realize and prepare the birth.

Preparation for birth and breastfeeding

Private lessons

English is not my mother tongue, but I speak it fluently.

280 days is the theoretical duration of a pregnancy. Time to get prepared for a new life.

Prenatal care

If you have a high risk pregnancy and you're at home, I can do pre natal check ups at your gynecologist's request.


280 days and you discover your baby. A lot of joy, many questions too.

 Post-natal care

I come to your home for post-natal visits and can give you advice to help you learn to look after your baby. 

My name is Catherine Raimondi. I am nurse and midwife qualified since 1992 and a lactation consultant IBCLC since 2016. I visit families in the Nyon - Gland - Rolle - Saint Cergue region. 

Français - English - Deutsch

I'm a member of the Fédération Suisse des Sages-Femmes.